Kids and Chiropractic


Why are we so adamant about seeing kids? Because we don’t want them to grow up with the same problems as you.

Most of the problems we see in adults begin in childhood, even from the process of birth which can be very traumatic. Add to that the thousands of times your child will fall on their behinds, tumble off a bike or from the monkey bars, or knock themselves around while playing with their friends and they have got spinal trauma written all over them.

Is your child having frequent ear infections, colds, trouble breathing, sinus infections, allergies, difficulty concentrating, wetting the bed, growing pains, or any one of a hundred so-called “normal” childhood illnesses? If so, then we need to check them! Not because chiropractic is a treatment for these conditions, but because these symptoms can be the result of interference with the nerves that control certain glands and organs.

We have adjusted babies straight from the hospital. We have even adjusted babies in the hospital. No age is too young to get their first check up. Plus, chiropractic for infants and toddlers is safe and very gentle. They often sleep right through it.

If your children have never been checked, please make an appointment with us to do so as soon as possible.

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