There seems to be lots of confusion out there regarding that funny word “Wellness.” Most people have the idea that it refers to “feeling Well.” Some people think that wellness is getting up every morning feeling good or experiencing little or no pain. In other words, when you feel well you are in fact healthy. Correct? Wrong! Wellness is not related to feeling well, it is related to how your body adapts to the everyday stresses of your life and your own internal workings. If it can adapt and handle everything that is going on inside you with nothing interfering with that process, then you are in fact healthy. You are well.

As chiropractors, our mission is to have your body function on that level. Being well is when your body is working at 100%. Everything is functioning, every, cell, every organ, and every nerve is firing- you are alive and your body is working exactly like it should. This is accomplished by eliminating any interference to that function. If any vertebra in your spine is subluxated, it will literally short circuit a part of your nervous system.  You are not well. Wellness care is designed to have a person experience the very best they can be and maintain that level of health. How does that sound for your health and what you expect from yourself. Sounds great to us, and realize that we are just getting started, that is what we expect from everyone and we will help get you there!

It just makes sense!

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