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Kids and Chiropractic


Kids and Chiropractic

Many of the problems we see in adults are rooted in childhood, beginning
with the birth process, which can be traumatic. Then there are the
thousands of time your child will fall on their behinds, tumble off a bike
or from the monkey bars, or knock themselves around while playing with
their friends. Add that all up and they have spinal trauma written all over

Frequent ear infections, colds, trouble breathing, sinus infections,
allergies, difficulty concentrating, wetting the bed, and growing pains,
etc. are common occurrences in children. These symptoms can be the result
of interference with the nerves that control certain glands and organs, and
we can alleviate these symptoms through a chiropractic adjustment!

Beginning chiropractic care as a child establishes a healthy foundation for
their body, by providing a properly functioning nervous system, free from
interference due to subluxation. This allows for optimal growth and


As the developing baby continues to affect the woman’s body, chiropractic
care can alleviate their back and leg pain, and possibly make the birth
process easier. Additionally, chiropractic can help when the baby is in
less than optimal position or breech.


The birth process can be traumatic on a newborn’s spine. Nerve
interference, known as a subluxation, created during birth can have a major
impact on the health and development of the baby. We have adjusted babies
straight from the hospital, so no age is too young to get their first check

Adjustments given to newborns, infants or babies are very different from
ones we give to older kids and adults. Dr. Matt uses specific techniques to
gently correct spinal issues safely with no discomfort.


A new dynamic of spinal function is incorporated into the toddler’s body as
they begin to walk. Not only is gravity being applied to the spine
differently than when the child was crawling, but toddlers often fall when
learning to walk. This is a critical time to make sure the spine and
nervous system is free from interference due to subluxation. Chiropractic
care can also assist their health and make common childhood issues less

Adjustments given to toddlers and preschoolers are specific to their young


As children begin school, they become subject to multiple types of spinal
stress that can create issues in their young spines and nervous systems.
Sitting at desks for long periods of time and carrying heavy backpacks can
be a burden for the developing spine. Additionally, many children are
becoming involved or more involved in sports/physical activity, or spending
more time on electronics, so the possibility of subluxation creation
becomes more probable.

The best way to ensure that children grow and develop properly is by paying
attention to their spine and nervous system. Under chiropractic care,
children’s subluxations can be detected and corrected, thus allowing
children to express better health.


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